Respecting guidelines 

I play Badminton every day morning with a group of about 8 people. We play doubles everyday.  

I am not a match winner generally. Today I had great experience of winning all the matches along with my partner. 

My partner has always told me a guideline (it usually depends upon the partner) on sharing the coverage of court during play. I had been violating that often. Today I firmly stuck to the guideline. I found myself playing amazing and also winning. I actuality had more satisfaction today not because we won, but the fact that I played better. 

Key  learning from this experience:

  1. Understanding the zones is critical not only for your performance but also for your team member’s performance. 
  2. We must agree and adhere to the guidelines for the team performance. 
  3. We can  break the rules when situation warrants. However it should be discussed and agreed with the team member. 
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