Is perfect execution enough?

I am sure many of you would have heard this story.

A tight rope walker was performing blindfolded with balancing with bamboo and his child sitting on his shoulder. Spectators were stunned to see that. Everyone was thrilled to see that performance, and the artist was praised for his perfection and confidence. He asked the spectator if anyone wanted to send their kid to sit on his shoulder while he walks again. There was pin-drop silence. No one wanted to risk their kid for this high-risk act.

In the story above, spectators saw a perfect performance, but they were not certain about the outcome while allowing their child to be part of the performance by the tight-rope walker.

I am sure all of you would agree with me if I say that

Mother’s lap is one place you are certain of relief irrespective of your age, gender, time of the day. You can get any amount of stress, but they vanish like magic in your mother’s lap

Do you know why that happens?

It is because your mother knows what you want; when you want; how you want; including what you do not wish to or what is not suitable for you. She knows all this without you telling her.

You might be wondering the link between the two stories/narrative above.

Do you realize that perfect execution does not necessarily give the confidence and peace of mind to the recipient of your outcome?

Can we learn from our mothers to understand the child’s requirement without they telling us? Imagine the peace (and. of course, joy) that the child will have.

This child can be your customers or other stakeholders.

BTW while writing this, I Iearnt a new word. 😊

“funambulism” meaning

Tight Rope Walking

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