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First Attempt!!!


First Attempts !!!

Atempting to do different things is as important as getting new ideas. New ideas by itself cannot become innovation. The innovation funnel may look like the diagram below:

first attempt 1

Refinement and subsequent product in actual use requires experimenting new things, except in case of changes to products and process. The experience of doing new for first time is critical but ,most people hesitate. The reasons could be many. I thought it would be easier to explain this through a story. This is an anecdote from my own experience.

I had a new construction as part of modifications to my existing house. The area that was built had approx. 125 Sq Ft of wall space. This space required to be painted. Getting a painter for such a small area was becoming an herculean task. I decided to do it myself. Now begins several reactions and comments that had high chance of discouraging me and deciding not to do the painting.

  1. My family members were not sure if I can do. Some thought that it would be too difficult for me to handle.
  2. My hardware store owner looked at me as if I have come from another planet. He said with a smile to try.
  3. Products and tools available were not DIY (Do It Yourself) friendly. I had to figure out myself. Somehow I did not hesitate in
    1. Seeking help from a friend of mine who is in construction business
    2. I looked into the printed items in the containers of the raw material.
    3. I was not sure how to decide whether my work output was ok. I choose to seek feedback from my family members.

I need to use following traits / behavior to manage the challenges mentioned in this series.

  1. Remained firm and focused in what I decided
  2. Allowed for additional wastage on material (Efficiency was not important. It is never important in first attempt)
  3. Did not hesitate in seeking help. I asked the hardware shop fellow, a painter in his shop, a friend of mine.
  4. I enjoyed and celebrated every milestone in the process. There were gaps but learnt and filled as I went along.
  5. Did not hurry and was patient to follow advice of experienced people.

In most organization when you want to do something different thing or same thing in a different way you will experience same.

  1. Your bosses and colleagues are likely to tell you not to attempt. They use the term RISK for that. Innovators do take risk. Learn to take Risk.
  2. You will have lot people within and outside your organization. Do not hesitate in taking their help. It does not matter how they help you. What matters is the help available in any form. You have to decide and choose the path and step.
  3. Celebrate even if it is a small milestone. Do not worry if others join or not. You must celebrate. Celebration is biggest source of motivating yourself.
  4.  Must not hurry and take short cuts. Searching for shortcuts can land you in trouble. Shortcuts and hastiness are enemy of a sustainable success.

Most importantly
first attempt 2